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Boat Trailer Hydraulic Brakes Calipers For 3-6K Replacement


Mastervim hydraulic brake caliper 225 used for hub rotor 8inch 10inch 12inch, and dual-piston caliper used for 10k to 16k axles.

Bolts and pump stainless steel material, caliper body with anti-corrosion surface treatment.

Warranty 2 years.

Additional information


204 with 3500lb, 225 with 3500-6000lb, 250 with 7000lb-8000lb, 112 with 10k-12k


10k-12k, 3,500 lbs., 5,200 lbs, 6,000 lbs, 7,000 lbs, 8,000 lbs


Common black, Gal. / Dacromet




15.70 lbs, 7.15 kgs


U.S Caliper



Product Process

1. Design and confirm design items 2. Raw casting made 3. Machining drilling 4. Surface treatment (zinc anti-corrosion) 5. Assembly (piston, seal, screw bolt, guide bush) 6. Test (mainly test brake performance through high pressure airtight) 7. Packing

Product Details:

Mastervim hydraulic brake caliper used for axles 2500lb 3500lb 6000lb 7000lb 8000lb and 12,000lb, has over 7 series design with same mounting size.

The caliper bolts, brake pads, and pistons could be completely exchanged with U.S calipers.

Brake pads and piston stainless steel and steel available, caliper body with stainless steel and steel with anti-corrosion surface treatment.

Unique design, modify the design based on market feedback, 3d and strength test.

The system mainly used for high requirement trailer vehicle and special trailer, like boat trailer, jet ski trailer.

Caliper material has steel, stainless steel and aluminum, depending on anti-corrosion performance, there has zinc and dacromet optional.

Test pressure from low 0.4 Mpa up to high 4.0 Mpa, measure hole distance, cylinder diameter, seal position, tread pattern, machining size, casting quality, surface treatment and packing details before shipment.

Mainly Specifications:

  • Material: QT material with dacromet
  • Hydraulic brake
  • Suitable for 8″ 10″ 12″ and 13″ brake rotors
  • Load capacity: max. 12,000lb
  • Bolts: stainless steel material
  • Brake pads: 2pcs steel pads and stainless steel pads optional
  • Piston: stainless steel material
  • Complete anti-corrosion
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Service: O.E.M or customized as request
  • Packing: Pallets or boxed individual
  • Original: Made In China
  • Match: Suitable for all U.S axles
  • Additional parts: brake rotors, bracket

Regarding Test and Material 


  • Standard GB 1348-88
  • C 2.96-3.35
  • Si 2.34-2.86
  • Mn 0.50-0.68
  • S 0.015-0.019
  • P 0.038-0.053

Tensile strength 500Mpa Yield strength 320Mpa Elongation 7% HB 170-230

Airtightness 0.4 5.0Mps 30S

Salt spray min. 200H for steel, and 2000H for stainless steel caliper.

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