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Category: Torsion Axles

Trailer torsion axles have rubber suspension inside, a steel torsion bar surrounded by 4pcs rubber cords, axle tube welded 2pcs bracket on left and right side, axle head assembly lazy hubs or brakes system. That easy to install and better suspension performance, mainly used for the trailers that need good performance suspension, such as Camper trailer, Fifth-wheel trailer, Off-road trailer, Toy hauler trailer, Double-decker trailer, Caravan towed trailer, Solar trailer, Horse trailer, Jeep trailer, Lowboy trailer, Mobile Home, Pup up trailer, Dolly trailer, Tow dolly, Car hauler, Construction trailer, Genset trailer, Generator trailer, Snowmobile trailer, Boat trailer, Aluminum trailer, Utility trailer, Light duty trailer, etc.





Stainless Steel Wear Sleeve Ring For Spindle Seal Position

Features: stainless steel
Provide a replaceable seal surface utilizing standard grease and oil seals
Designed for axle spindles used in harsh saltwater environments and extreme weather condition applications






Freeze Rubber W/T Liquid Nitrogen

Rubber cords provide smooth suspension performance and no noise when running.

Liquid nitrogen provides a small cubic and high-precision assembly environment, the rubber will be filled the 4 corners for a while as thermal expansion.

Torsion Axle Size

Capacity From 1,000lb Up To 7,000lb

Torsion Axle Components

Axle Tube, Bracket, Torsion End, Torsion Bar, Rubber Strip, Brake Hubs.

Torsion Axle Application

Camper Trailer, Horse Trailer, Boat Trailer, Motorbike Trailer, Generator Trailer, Car Hauling Trailer, Off Road Trailer


Torsion Axles VS Tube Spring Axle


The torsion axle uses a seamless steel tube, rubber cords, solid torsion bar, and forged swingarm, the axle components have higher strength.

Independent suspension & smooth ride:

Torsion end unit to stand suspension travel and shock absorption, each wheel works independently from the other side.

Without metal impact & no-noise:

Rubber cords connect the torsion bar and axle tube, so when the trailer running, the inner rubber stands the impact and recovers to the original position. Regarding leaf spring axle, commonly, U bolts connect axle leaf spring with trailer frame, so all metal parts impact on a bad road condition.

Adjustable ground clearance:

Torsion axles could adjust the swingarm angle to change the ground clearance, sometimes, such as the car carrier trailer, needs as lower as possible on ground clearance, so the swingarm needs to have a negative angle. Regarding the boat trailer, due to the boat’s V shape, so can’t let the boat bottom to close with the group, sometimes, the swing angle is at a positive angle.

Maintenance fee:

Torsion axles don’t have to use leaf spring, U bolts, and mounting plate. As we know, leaf spring belongs to easy-wear parts, and is easier rusty, especially you often tow a trailer and live at the seaside. The most important factor is users have to use the trailer until the trailer shop finishes repair.

Boat trailer torsion axles all come with anti-corrosion surface treatment, including axle tube, torsion bar swing arm, and brake kit.

Forging Spindles & Torsion Arm End

Torsion axles with forging spindles and forging arm.

Forging metal higher capacity than common metal parts, the forging is made by the force in the same direction, the internal stress is directional, and it can only bear the directional pressure. Castings and forgings of the same material and wall thickness are superior to castings in terms of strength and crystal phase structure.

Forgings are pressed by the same direction of force, and the internal stress is directional. Only the main defects of forgings are manifested in large grains, chilling phenomenon, cracks, cracks, etc. In order to obtain qualified product quality, the corresponding castings need heat treatment to eliminate the stress in the casting process, and at the same time use X-ray, magnetic particle inspection, penetration inspection and other detection methods. For forgings, the strict heat treatment of the weld and the corresponding testing methods are guaranteed. Forgings often require ultrasonic inspection. In addition, it should be mentioned that the welding process is very strict, and the qualification of welding engineers is also the key to ensuring product quality.


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