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Steel wheel, aluminum wheel mainly used for ATV, UTV, trailers and truck trailers. Wheels dia. size from 6inch up to 48inch.

Based on match tires, there has tubeless wheels and tube wheels.

Regarding aluminum wheels, forging wheels and casting wheels are optional.

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Wheel Application & Size

Commercial Vehicle & Special Vehicle Application 

Wheels Line

Agricultural Wheels, ATV Wheels, Trailer Wheel, OTR Wheels

Design & Analysis

ATV, UTV, Boat Trailer, Motorbike Trailer, Truck Trailer, Agricultural Trailer, Construction Trailer.

Steel Wheels VS Aluminum Wheels

Except for extra heavy-duty vehicle wheels, aluminum wheels covered all sizes as steel wheels.

Fuel Oil Economic:

As aluminum is lighter weight than steel, such as 22.5×8.25, aluminum wheels save 2L oil than steel wheels in 100km distance, aluminum wheels also decrease 26% tire wear compared to steel wheels.


Aluminum is half of the weight of steel wheels of the same size.


Aluminum is T6061, steel is Q grade steel plate

Manufacture Method:

Aluminum has casting, forging & extrusion shapes.  To compare steel welding.


Aluminum wheels use CNC machining, and steel wheels rolling plate.


Aluminum wheels have uniform density, steel wheels worse on roundness and welding.


Aluminum material has better cooling performance than steel.


Aluminum belongs to alloy material that tensile performance better than steel.

Pressure Test:

Aluminum deforms 50mm under 73,000kgs, steel deforms 50mm under 13,600kgs.


Aluminum has better gloss than steel.

Regarding extra heavy-duty vehicles, will still use OTR steel wheels, such as 5pcs wheels, and 7pcs wheels, which are easy to group tother and lower cost.

High Grade: Forging Aluminum Wheel

Higher Capacity, Lighter Weight, Thinner Spoke, Better Outward

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