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Agricultural Trailer Half Stub Axles


Trailer solid beam half stub axle mainly used for light trailer and agricultural trailers, beam size from round 35mm up to 100mm, the square beam from 35mm up to 150mm. Customers usually welding the axle end on the trailer frame or insert the beam into a tube, then fixed by bolts.


Additional information


1000kgs, 1500kgs, 2000kgs, 3000kgs, 4800kgs, 5000kgs, 500kgs, 6500kgs, 750kgs, 8000kgs


Common black, Gal. / Dacromet


Non brakes





Product Process

Cutting beam, machining spindle, assembling spindle with hubs

Product Details:

Agricultural axle belongs to heavy-duty and low-speed applications. Commonly speed at 25-40km/h, calculations are based on center nave wheels being fitted. If the speed is 40km/h, apply a coefficient of 0.9 to the load given for a single axle. If the use is tandem axle application, apply a coefficient of 0.75 for the compatible types only, in that case, use the suitable hubs: reinforced cash iron(MFG), steel(A), or ductile iron(X). Our axles are delivered grease for temperatures corresponding to the temperate countries.

According to size, our brakes are approved at 25km/h CEMAGREF or TUV, 40km/h UTAC or TUV, and for higher speeds. The calculation of the brake capacity is independent of the load capacity per axle.

The brake actuators can be fitted as an option, it is possible to fit other types of axles and brake sizes. Our sales and technical departments are always at your disposal to help you find the most suitable products for your application. Please check the tightening of the wheels once the axles start in operational service and check regularly in the greasing bearing and brakes. We have a technical inspection at your disposal to assist your maintenance service schedule for our axles.


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