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Quality Control

Mastervim Quality Control  Center is an important foundation for enhancing the business professionalism of Mastervim. It creates a test platform for professional design and innovation. The Center develops, researches, and tests new products to satisfy requirements of quality, environment and occupational health & safety systems.

Quality means intelligent design and wisely bulid, as feedback, we will focus on modify more economic and reduce maintence fee. Quality control team also help us to improve design and status plan. Mastervim is also oriented to customers with solutions, so we could make sure every product that customer order with top quality.

Mastervim supply complete truck trailer axles and bare axle tube to U.S, 22500lb 25000lb, tube dia. 5inch, adopted 1pcs tube structure, heating spindle and extra harden bearing position, tube hardness HB230-290, bearing position hardness HRC38-50, heating thick 2-4mm.

Quenching 850°C heating 30 minutes HRC 40-45,improving mechanical performance.
Tempering 500°C heating 120 minutes yield strength 590Mpa/mm, 2800 thousand times fatigue test under 3.5 times of rated payload.

Our axles good fit with FUWA, AXN U.S.

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Mastervim developed U.S torsion axles that have rubber suspension inside, a steel torsion bar surrounded by 4pcs rubber cords, axle tube welded 2pcs bracket on left and right side, axle head assembly lazy hubs or brakes system. That easy to install and better suspension performance.

Brakes system included electric drum, hydraulic disc, mechanical disc drum brakes.

Our axles good fit with Dexter, Lippert, Rockwell.

Mastervim’s casting trailer parts, hydraulic brakes, brake drum, calipers.

Exporting idler hubs 432,000pcs per year

Exporting brake drums 450,000pcs per year

Exporting rotors 360,000pcs per year

Exporting calipers 340,000pcs per year

Hubs and brake drums good fit with Dexter, Lippert axles.

Rotors and calipers additional series good replace Dexter, UFP, Kodiak, Deemaxx, AL-KO

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