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U.S standard truck trailer axles

Mastervim developed high economic truck trailer axles 22,500lb and 25,000lb.

Adopted U.S standard axle tube 5″ equals to 127mm, 16.5×7″ brakes lining 4707 with FMVSS-121 & CE certificate

We customized wheel hubs with HD oil hub or grease hub, oil hub good cooling on spindle and bearing temperature.

Original WABCO ABS unit with block, copper ring.

Haldex automatic slack adjuster or similar types optional

Koyo or China bearing optional, warranty 2 years

Special spindle heating on bearing position, HRC at 38-42, thick 2mm

1/4″ NPT air hole drilling in tube middle, spindle tread pattern 2.625″-16UN.

We could equip air inflation system on axle end based on your request.


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