The shipping cost falling now, it’s a good time to make a plan.

How to choose boat trailer brakes

Boat trailers commonly used in seawater condition so needs to consider anti-corrosion first.

Mastervim boat trailer brakes system all treat with galvanized or dacromet, that supply excellent good performance than common black, and will save maintence fee.

As the boats are big volume heavier than ordinary cargos, especially high value, so have to consider brake performance , hydraulic brake belongs to the best choice.

1. Vent rotors

Mastervim rotors adopted commerical light truck rotor style, good cooling.

The size from 8inch 10inch 12inch 13.1inch based on load capacity.

Meets almost all requirements in the market, 1 axle brake capacity from 2,000lb 3,500lb 5,200lb 6,000lb 7,000lb up to 8,000lb.

Material G3000 and stainless steel optional.

Dynamic balance test: balance rate at 10g on rotors dia. from 200mm to 320mm, 15g on rotors dia. from 320mm to 350mm, 18g on rotors dia. above 350mm

Metal anylasis: raw material test before heating, all meets U.S G3000 standard.

2. Calipers

Hydraulic brake caliper use stainless steel pump, 1 chamber, 2 chambers pump based on brake capacity.

Oil hole and discharge gas hole design that supply stable brake power after many times oil recycle.

Brake airtight test: hold time 5 seconds, pressure 3.70-4.0 Mpa, every caliper will be tested before packing.


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