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The 5 Best Advantages Torsion Axle from Mastervim

The torsion axle has become an increasingly important product for people to develop trailers. It can not only stand trailer weight but also supply excellent suspension when the trailer running.

1. Dependable

The torsion axle uses a seamless steel tube, rubber cords, solid torsion bar, and forged swing arm.

One unit to stand suspension travel and shock absorption, each wheel works independently from other one.

Bolts connected from axle bracket to trailer frame, customized bracket size, and bolts quantity based on practical requirements.

2. Smoother ride

Torsion axle doesn’t have leaf spring, that use rubber cords to instead.

Because press rubber without noise, then leaf spring, especially rusty leaf spring.

Rubber has better spring performance than leaf spring too.

3. Without the metal impact

Rubber cords connect the torsion bar and axle tube, so when the trailer running, the inner rubber stands the impact and recover to the original position. Regarding leaf spring axle, commonly, U bolts connect axle leaf spring with trailer frame, so all metal parts impact on a bad road condition.

4. Adjustable ground clearance

Torsion axles could adjust the swingarm angle to change the ground clearance.

Sometimes, such as the car carrier trailer, that needs as lower as possible on ground clearance, so the swing arm needs to a negative angle. Regarding boat trailer, due to boat V shape, so can’t let boat bottom to close with the group, sometimes, swing angle at a positive angle.

5. Maintenance fee

Torsion axles don’t has to use leaf spring, U bolts and mounting plate.

As we know, leaf spring belongs to easy-wear parts, and easiler rusty, especialy you often tow trailer and live in seaside.

The most important factor is users have to use they trailer until trailer shop finish repair.


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