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Forged Product Parts Advantages

Forged metal parts commonly made by forging machine that has 160tons, 300 tons, 400 tons, 630 tons, 1000 tons, 1600 tons, and 2500 tons, that mainly higher density than casting metal parts.

Forged products much thinner than casting products based on products request same capacity, as casting product produced on nature pressure than forged products produced by press machine, so forged products lightweight.

Forged products has higher hardness than casting products as well, so that could used for the parts need to stand power, products especially used on petrochemical industry, engineering machinery, auto parts, locomotive and railway parts, metallurgy, shipbuilding, military products and other fields.

Mastervim has strictly processing on forged products.

Design and manufacturing

Steel billet cutting and heating



Heat treatment

Shot blasting


Surface treatment


Package and delivery


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